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foodbox by La Boqueria

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Delicious products boxed and ready for you to take home. Offering essential & indulgent delights which will not only be good for the days to follow, but will also keep for the months ahead.
- The Dinner Box
- The Cheese Box
- The Meat Box
- The Hamper Box
- Enhance your box with selected items

foodbox by La Boqueria is a preorder item available for

pickup from our Frenchs Forest warehouse, 

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Each box includes tips on how to store and care for your products, best before information and recipe cards!

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La Boqueria Free Range Smoked Chorizo Champion Medal Winner

We are so proud & honored to have won Champion Fresh Sausage with our La Boqueria Free Range Smoked Chorizo!!
Thank you to Royal Agricultural Society of NSW for this prestigious Perpetual Trophy, our team is over the moon!
Our Certified free range you beaut Australian Pork, Pecan wood smoked Chorizo,
The proud Spanish-Aussie Champion is the perfect addition to your weekend BBQ, Tapas, Sandwiches, Stews or stirring up the conversation by adding them to your next Paella!
We don’t stray far from perfection created by artisan methods and ideals in Spain.
We make products Spaniards would be proud of.

The best Chorizo: Chorizo Sydney, Chorizo Brisbane, Chorizo Melbourne, Chorizo Perth, Chorizo Adelaide, Chorizo Hobart, Chorizo Australia.


La Boqueria Basque Saucisson Gold Medal Winner

Gold Medal for our Basque Saucisson in Class:3 at this year's Sydney Royal Fine Food competition!

La Boqueria Basque Saucisson is a traditional “Beret” shaped Basque Saucisson inspired by an ancient recipe from the mountain range between Spain & France. Australian pork with plenty of garlic & black peppercorn, produces a delicate, penicillium mould covered salami with over 3 months gentle cure.


La Boqueria Saucisson Sec Silver Medal Winner

Our sensational Saucisson sec won Silver in CLASS: 3 at this year's Sydney Royal Fine Food competition.

Just goes to show that all good things take time. Aged to perfection and well worth the wait. Thankyou Sydney Royal

#laboqueriaau  #saucisson #saucissonsec #australianpork #glutenfree #fermented #salami #rustic #charcuterie


La Boqueria Pamplona 45, Bronze Medal Winner!

So proud of our La Boqueria Pamplona 45!
CLASS: 15 Traditional Salami - Bronze Medal winner Sydney Royal 2018. Thank you Sydney Royal! 
La Boqueria Pamplona 45 is a perfect addition to tapas or your next bocadillo.
Made with Australian pork and our traditional Spanish recipe, (handed down with love and responsibility by the family), this paprika driven air cured chorizo has a coarse grind, with delicious intense flavour and dry finish. 


La Boqueria Fuet Anis, Gold Medal winner!

So proud of our La Boqueria Fuet Anis!
CLASS: 15 Traditional Salami - Gold Medal winner Sydney Royal 2018. Thank you Sydney Royal! 
Pork and fennel are so perfect together in our fantastic Fuet Anis salami.
Made with whole fennel seeds and cured to a semifirm state, with a moist feel and a full fennel flavour, this amazing recipe came to us from a local butcher in a town called La Garriga, in the north of Barcelona, who produces the religiously respected recipies of Catalunia but on some days, needing to stamp his mark, he makes the old recipe his grandfather used to make. The Fuet Anis. 


La Boqueria Jabali (Wild boar Salami) Gold Medal Winner!

CLASS: 23 - Gold Medal winner Sydney Royal 2017.
La Boqueria Jabali Is a classic “embutido” in the “Pata Negra” chorizo style.
Full sweet gamy flavours filled with pimenton and a robust meaty texture. We develop the Iberico flavour and texture notes using Wild Boar from the Mungo National park in outback NSW. @laboqueriaau We don’t stray far from perfection created by artisan methods and ideals in Spain. We make products Spaniards would be proud of. Thank you Sydney Royal!


La Boqueria Butifarra medal Winner!

CLASS: 35 -Bronze Medal winner Sydney Royal 2017. Thank you Sydney Royal!
La Boqueria Butifarra Smoked is arguably the most sensational iconic #embutido in Catalan cuisine. Both the blanca and the negra versions are boiled & contain lean meat, high quality pork fat & spices. They can be eaten without cooking, though equally as delicious grilled. Fantastic as a tapa with 'pa amb tomaquet' & essential to a classic Catalonian dish of beans & local mushrooms.

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