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Gold Medal Winners

We've done it again!
Our Class SMG001 - Salami entry of Longaniza Oscura,
has picked up a GOLD medal in this year's RASV Australian Food Awards!




Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) 2.5kg

Suckling pig from Segovia (D.O.C) confit in duck fat - (as seen in Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine)

Cochinillo - Suckling Pig Confit

Cochinillo Confit

From the tradition of the oldest restaurant in the world situated in Madrid - Botín, who have been serving cochinillo (suckling pig) since 1725. We are proud to be the first in Australia to bring you Cochinillo from Segovia.

SUCKLING PIG D.O SEGOVIA  -The suckling pigs are born and raised by their mothers in big stable boxes where the small suckling pigs can move freely with enough space to play with the others in the litter and develop through physical activity. The piglets’ only nutrients are in their mother’s milk. The sows give birth after 114 and 116 days with litters between 10-16 piglets. No medical prevention, only a dosage of iron, given orally when they are born. No mutilation has occurred (no castration, no tail cutting etc). The suckling pig are slaughtered between the 21st and 28th day and its average weigh is between 4,5 to 8Kg (Only the D.O Segovia).


 Open the tin and put it in a water bath until the fat has melted completely (30 min.). Carefully take up the piece and lay it on an oven tray with the skin side up.

Pre heat the oven to 250 ºC and let the meat roast for 20 minutes or until the skin is golden brown and crispy.  Garnish with fried potatoes


Fine Food Australia September 2015

We will be at Fine Food Australia 2015- Sydney Olympic Showground - STAND W26 – Sep 20 - 23
Come and visit us to taste some award winning Artisan Charcuteria by La Boqueria. 
We will also be featuring Spain's

  • Julian Martin (Come and meet Fernando for a taste of his world famous Jamon Iberico )
  • Olives from LOSADA
  • Anchovies and Boquerones from Don Bocarte
  • 100% Natural stocks and bases from ANETO
  • Jamon Serrano from La Hoguera.

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